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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions:

"What do you need to know about my computer?"

You don't need to know all the jargon - but don't be afraid to tell us as much information as possible. Likewise we won't baffle you with techno babble - we always explain exactly what we're doing.

"How are your prices so low? PC World wanted over £100 for what you did for £39.95.... and you came to me! Do you know what you're doing?"

We have well over 10 years experience in the IT industry so yes, we do know what we are doing! We don't have a high street shop to rent and dozens of staff to pay so we are able to offer very competitive rates. In fact we won't be beaten on price! At the end of the day our business relies on word of mouth, so customer satisfaction is very important to us.

"How long will it take for you to fix my computer?"

It all depends on what is wrong with it, however this is why we agree a price up front with you first. Beware of companies who charge you by the hour as they could easily drag things out without you realising!

"Why did you have to order the parts for my computer, don't you keep things in stock?"

We do keep certain parts in stock, but with the way technology changes, and the variation from computer to computer, ordering parts as needed allows us to keep our prices low.

"What can I do to protect my computer from viruses and spyware?"

A good combination of anti-virus software and a spyware scanner is a good start. Don't be conned into paying for this software, some of the best programs around are available free for home use. See the Useful Links on the left of the page.

"What if you come to my house/business to work on my computer but can't fix it there and then?"

In some cases we may need to take your computer back to our workshop for further diagnostics and repairs. We only need the 'tower' unit and not the monitor etc. Once fixed, we will deliver the computer back to you and plug it all back in at a convenient time. If we need to carry out additional work, or order new parts we will ALWAYS ask you first.

"What if my computer is beyond repair"

In some cases with older PCs, new replacement parts are not available or prohibitively expensive. We will always try and source you a used or reconditioned part to get you back up and running. We may even advise that your computer is beyond economic repair and that you'd be better off with a new one. We don't build or sell computers anymore as it's cheaper to buy off the shelf thesedays, however we can help you choose your new PC, and ensure you get the best deal available. We would rather help you in this way in the hope that you come back to us in the future.

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Why Choose Us?

With proven experience, quality service and honest, impartial advice, Bay Solutions are ready to help.

No Jargon

We won't baffle you with jargon, and will talk you through everything as we go.


Bay Solutions can visit your home or office at a time convenient to you - including evenings and weekends with no call out charge. Many problems can be resolved over the phone or remotely without us having to visit.


We cover in and around Swansea, Swansea Valley, Ammanford, Llanelli, Neath Valley, Neath & Port Talbot and Bridgend. If you live outside of these areas, please give us a call.